Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Financial Resolutions 2011

Yup, we've been here before! Turn the calendar and everything changes. There's something magical about adding '11 to the date. We all resolve to lose weight, eat better and exercise more. For many of us, we'll follow through on these resolutions. For others, it's simply a thought that fades in a few weeks.

Let's try something new this year... financial resolutions! They're not painful. They don't make you sweat. And, they may actually improve your financial well being over time!

Let's get started:

1. Get your budget in order and STICK to it. As the 'credit card nation', we're good at buying things we can't afford. Unless you can pay off your monthly credit card bills in full with income - hold off on your purchase. As my friend's dad always says... "Make do."

2. Get your FREE credit report and make sure it's accurate. Almost 2/3 of Americans don't check their credit. Don't be one of them. Go to and print your free copy.

3. Increase retirement savings! The days of a pension are over for most people. Whether you have a 401k plan or an IRA account, increase your investments this year. Time & growth are your biggest assets.

4. Get some exercise! Not for the reasons you think though. Healthier individuals have lower medical bills and are more productive @ work. Several studies have confirmed this fact. So, get moving! Walk, bike, run, ski, rollerblade, etc.... or go to the gym!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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