Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tax Season = Retirement Funding

Every year @ this time, individuals scramble to get their taxes filed before the April 15th deadline. A large percentage of you will get refunds while many self-employed individuals may owe a few dollars.

If you don't fund your retirement accounts on a monthly basis, this is a great time to make a lump sum contribution to your IRA account for 2009.

Every $1,000 contribution will save an individual in a 25% tax bracket $250. So, should you be one of the unfortunate soles who will owe money this year... or simply want a bigger refund... adding to your retirement nest egg is beneficial. It helps your current tax situation AND provides for your future well being. A win/win situation! Each person can invest $5,000 and individuals 50+ can contribute a total of $6,000 ($1,000 catch up provision).

Should you be lucky enough to qualify for the Roth IRA... there are income restrictions... this may be the best option of all. You won't get to lower your income taxes for 2009, but the tax free growth is a huge gift. Our country's current budget deficit isn't going anyway anytime soon and the likelihood of higher taxes in the future is inevitable. Everyone should have a Roth IRA as part of their retirement nest egg.

Another opportunity worth considering? Use your tax refund this year to fund your IRA account for 2010. Why wait until March/April of next year? Markets go up more than they go down (contrary to recent popular belief!) and investing @ the beginning of each year allows for more compound growth. Put time on your side!

Call your Accountant and/or Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to learn more.

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