Friday, February 6, 2009

Bernie Madoff Client List Revealed

The first official client list of Bernard Madoff, LLC, was released yesterday by a Manhattan Bankruptcy Court filing. The 162 document contains over 13,500 celebrity names, trusts and average Joe's.

The list includes many of the names already revealed in prior news releases, but fails to recognize the thousands of other entities, pensions and charities who were invested with the firm via feeder funds. These often include 'fund of funds' type investments.

Many of these victims, not on the list, were derived via feeder funds such as Chais Investments, Ascot Partners and Fairfield Greenich. All fell prey to the Madoff Ponzi scheme.

Some duplication of client names does exist. It is not known why this occurred, but the complexity of the investment web is certainly confusing. A few new names that surfaced include CNN's Larry King and a trust account of Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Here's the complete client list in .pdf format.

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