Sunday, February 1, 2009

Best Financial Websites

Financial news & commentary is only a click away. From Internet sites to domestic & international newspapers, magazines and trade journals, you can find virtually anything online these days.

In the Internet only world, Yahoo!Finance ,, AOL Finance and MSNMoney are the 800 pound gorillas and dominate the space. General market commentary, such as stock, bond, mutual fund and option quotes are available. For mutual fund commentary, is still the leader for insight & commentary.

If you're looking for daily news items, look no further than the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times or USA Today. Feature magazine articles on financial planning and money matters can be found in the pages of Smartmoney, CNNMoney, Kiplinger's, Forbes, Fortune and the elder statesman... The Economist.

For the technicians & fundamentalists amongst us, stock charts can be found at BigCharts, Clearstation and of course, StockCharts. And, for the fundys in the crowd, Motley Fool, and Ragingbull shouldn't be missed.

Finally, in the miscellaneous category, here are a few more worth noting:

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