Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rethinking Daily Life

Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes has a great approach to his journalism. It's simple, pure and direct. Everyday items are looked at with his unique perspective.

With this approach in mind, I'd like to examine our daily lives on a few different levels.

A recent trip to Colorado provided a wonderful time to relax & reflect. Visiting my good friend Anthony, we enjoyed the Rocky Mountain altitude, shared a few laughs and went to two football games as well. Go Buffs!

During the weekend, we discussed how his lady friend doesn't have cable tv? Yes, she has a television, but only uses it to watch movies. The more we talked, the more I realized, maybe this isn't such a bad idea! It seems a little contrarian to a certain extent. But, how many times do we simply turn on the tv for background noise or music? We're not watching anything, but filling the quiet void.

Personally, I now watch the majority of my favorite tv shows on my PC (aka: entertainment center) these days on my schedule. "Two and a Half Men" is a great example. Simply go to and 'tune in'. You'll have a few spot advertisements, but it's less than you would have if you watched the regularly scheduled program.

Also, I recently noticed my daily routine of gathering morning news had changed. My favorite source is now USA Today - not the print version, but rather the online version. Great layout, content and it's free. I Fire up the PC each morning with a cup of tea and read the Money section. Life is good!

We all have daily routines. Some habits are useful and others are simply... well... habits! They may even be costly ones as well. How many days do you stop @ Starbucks during your morning commute for a mucho expensive grande latte (or something similar)?

Perhaps examining your daily habits could lead to positive changes. It may also improve your financial situation as well!

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