Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday 2009

I'm not exactly sure how Cyber Monday came about, but I could venture a guess. Since the Internet boom of the late '90's, the world wide web became main stream America. Retailers simply figured out another way of selling their goods.

We now refer to the savvy companies as 'bricks & clicks' type businesses. Come to think of it, doesn't every company have a website and a store front? Everyone from Target to Sports Authority to Home Depot to WalMart fits the bill. Perhaps the only TRUE online company is They have a wonderful online presence, a wide variety of merchandise and no traditional bricks & mortar stores.

Retailers are a crafty lot. I'm sure Cyber Monday was a marketing idea that caught on. Someone should get rewarded for their efforts. However, it kind of seems like a Hallmark holiday to me. Plenty of advertisement and conversation, but no significant meaning.

What do I know though? In due time, today may become a national holiday. Stranger things have happened.

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