Friday, May 22, 2009

The International Arena

Despite what you might as a result of 2008, asset allocation does work. There will be periods of time when you can question the benefits of being diversified amongst different asset classes. But, over time it has proven to work effectively in lowering portfolio risk and increasing returns.

One asset class that should be included in every portfolio is International investing. This can cover stocks & bonds of companies in developed and emerging countries. The former refers to countries such as England, Italy, Spain & France while the latter includes nations such as China, Argentina, India, Korea, etc.

Foreign exposure can be obtained through mutual fund investments in either Global or International funds. Global pertains to investing anywhere in the world - including the USA. International refers to anything outside the USA.

As capitalism, transportation and technology have advanced, many new economic opportunities have arisen and confirmed the concept of Global Village. The world truly is a smaller place. A decade ago, we didn't think of the "BRIC" nations as viable investments choices. Today, Brazil, Russia, India & China are virtually household names in the investment community and are available through various venues. Many Economists feel China will be the economic powerhouse of the next 100 years. Some would argue, it's already happening.

Mutual funds have been a staple for many investors. However, technology has opened the door to other investment alternatives in recent years. One such product is the exchange traded fund or ETF for short. ETF's are similar to mutual funds in many regards. They represent a basket of stocks (or bonds) in a region, country or sector. The key difference is they are traded on various exchanges and thus can be bought or sold during the day. Mutual funds can only be purchased at the end of each day.

To learn more about ETF's, check out iShares and Poweshares. They are both industry pioneers and offer numerous products.

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